Thursday, December 3, 2015

All I want for Christmas is...

This post was originally published on the SeeMamaTeach Collaborative blog.

 Ok Teacher-Moms, and Mom-Teachers... are you tired?  Because I know I am!

... So I was curious about the craziest things we've done while under the influence of 

... Enjoy...

"I put my kids to bed without diapers on." - Bridget A.

"I put a poopy diaper in the pantry because I apparently got side tracked and forgot I sat it down." - Casey P.

"the whole family went out to dinner, was gone for two hours and came home to realize I had already started dinner on the stove..." - Casey P.

"Pudding Snack Pack in the washer. Lol" - Lluvia G.

"Something my mom brain does too often is put my phone to charge and not plug it to the wall" - Lluvia G.

"I had my daughter perfectly dressed for picture day. Really cute new outfit with a matching bow, pig tails were perfectly even. Really feeling like I knocked it out of the park. Until I got myself to work and a colleague pointed out I had on two completely different shoes." - Meghan C.

"One night I was so tired I poured my juice into my bowl of pasta instead of into my cup." -Michelle H. (me)

"Got all ready to go, baby in car seat, diaper bag on shoulder, keys in hand and ready to walk out the door.... but I had no shoes on my feet!" - Michelle H. (me)

"I traveled back home... I packed half of my face care products, but ALL of their caps. Yep, started pulling out products and pulled out two caps with no bottles." -Jennifer T.

"I dipped my fries into {baby's} green bean/pear purée tonight instead of honey mustard." -Kerri B.

"I'm so tired... I started pumping and forgot to attach bottles." -Cassie T.

"I've put food that goes on the fridge on the cabinet and vise versa. I've also put clothes on backwards/inside out." - Martha M.

"Once I pulled out what I thought was a pair of black socks from the drawer and put them on. I looked down and noticed I had a brown sock on, so I took them off and looked for a pair of black socks. I couldn't find a pair, and then saw my original pair of socks were black! I got super confused and just figured the lighting was bad. Turns out I was actually wearing one black sock and one brown sock!! And who would notice, but the most sporty boy in my class! I was just like, whatever! And I wore two different socks that day!" - Angela N.

"Pregnancy brain: made a wrong turn on the way to school. I've been driving the same way for 4 years." -Maria C.

"Opened the fridge and poured milk in my dog's bowl. I have no idea what I was thinking!" - Maria C.

"Remote into the fridge. Formula in a coffee cup. Laundry in the washer but didn't start it." - Jennifer T.

"Ohh where to start... I tried to open the door to my house with the car remote. Put conditioner on my loofah instead of body wash. Wore two scarves to work (and got compliments - ha!). Wore two completely different earrings (no one told me, figured it out when I got home)." - Sara E.

"My biggest one as of late is looking for my phone for a long time and either find it in my hand already or in my pocket where I never thought to look. My other most recent one was freaking out that I couldn't put my car into drive and I thought something was wrong with my car to find I had never turned it on." - Heidi D.

"I found my phone in the fridge earlier tonight." - Nicole C.

"Once, I tried for a good minute to put {baby's} car seat front facing and could not for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't lock in!" - Katie P.

"TWICE this year I have pulled out of the McDonald's drive thru after paying without getting my coffee." - Tiffany B.

"When I was pregnant, I started running the bath to soak because my back was killing me, but I got sidetracked, and just a few minutes later our bathroom was flooded."

So my Christmas Wish for all of us Teacher-Moms and Mom-Teachers is a nice long nap (or 2)!

What are some of the craziest things you've done when you were exhausted?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Plan with me Sunday

Plan with Me Sundays - Linky Party

... on Monday!

Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder are doing an Erin Condren Giveaway on their pages for this week's Plan With Me Sunday!

This week is the back to school edition of this linky, so I'm going to show you my teacher planner, and how I have it set up!

I have always struggled to find teacher planner peace.  You can read more about that in my teacher planner post from last year!

I know two things about what I need in a teacher planner:
1. It has to be a physical, I-can-hold-it-in-my-hands, thing.  I CAN NOT do online lesson planning.  I have to be able to write it down.
2. It has to be pre-bound.  Binders or arc systems don't work for me... I end up taking out pages and losing them, or not ever putting them in at all!

This year I am trying the Bloom Daily Planner - Teacher Planner
Find it HERE!

There are a few things that I love about this planner!
1. It meets the above requirements of being a paper-pencil planner and it is spiral bound
2. It is colorful
3. It will fit my needs as a small group teacher (not pre-labeled with subjects I don't teach!)
4. Each monthly spread has a goal setting page before and a goal reflection page after along with space to take notes.
5.  The monthly spreads are all together in the front and the weekly pages are all together in the back.  This is something new for me this year.  Whenever I have made my own I put the weekly pages behind the monthly spread, but I find that I really don't use the monthly spreads that much!  So I'm going to use this cute book clip my sister made me to mark my spot in my weekly plans!

So here is what I did for set up since the planner comes undated!

Step 1 - go to Hobby Lobby for the Following items:

Available Here and Here - or in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby

Step 2 - go to Michael's for the Following Washi Tape Tube:

Not available online at this time - but you can find it in store!
Step 3: Turn on Netflix and get comfy!

Step 4: Using the 'Create your own Calendar Sticker Pack' from Hobby Lobby Date your Monthly pages.

Step 5: Using the Calendar Date Stickers - date your weekly pages.  I only put dates on the weeks I was in school (I skipped the weeks of Christmas Break, Winter Break and Spring Break).  I suggest writing the dates on post-it notes and sticking it to each weekly spread first.

Step 6: Start having fun with Washi Tape!  I used Washi Tape on my monthly and weekly spreads to mark when we had days off or vacations.  I also used the additional stickers from the 'Create your own Calendar Sticker Pack' to mark whether it was a day off or vacation, and to mark holidays!  I also plan to use 4 different colors of Washi Tape to tape the edges of my weekly spreads to mark the 4 different marking periods.  I haven't done this yet though because our marking period dates have not come out yet and while I could make an educated guess - I don't want to be wrong!

Step 7: Start writing lesson plans!  I haven't done this yet either.  I don't start until September so this step will have to wait... but I am ready for it!

What do you use for a planner? Are you a Paper and Pencil or Digital Planner?  Binder? Arc? Spiral? Print it yourself or Purchase?  Color or Black and white?

Are you on instagram?  Link up with me (@michelle_alltogether) to show off your teacher planner and use #MyTeacherPlanner

Here's Mine:

And here's a blank one for you!

And don't forget to check out Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder to check out everyone else's Plan With Me Sunday!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Plan with me Sunday!

Plan with Me Sundays - Linky Party

.... On Wednesday

Ok, so I'm very very late to the party.  But I have a 2 month old and a cold, so you'll forgive me right?

I actually wasn't going to link up, but then Kim from I Teach Stem shared Thing Link on FB.  She used it to create her About Me.  I'm going to use it today to show you my planner supplies!

Just click the little white dots to learn more!

Wasn't that fun!

Go ahead to either Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris or Kreative in Kindergarten to read about everyone else's planner supplies.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Plan with me Sundays (On Monday) - Make your planner work for you!

Hello friends ... I was so excited when Meghan from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris and Robyn from Kreative in Kindergarten announced on instagram (my favorite social media site ... FOLLOW ME!) that they would be doing a linky party centered on one of my most favorite things!  My Planner!


You see... I am a #planneraddict.  It all started with my friend Krystina (hey ... she blogs too at Adventures of a Wanderlust Teacher)  One day we were chatting about her new Christmas present the Erin Condren Teacher Planner.  It was pretty, it was colorful and I was jealous.  However it wasn't something I would have bought myself (it's a bit pricey, and I'm not diligent about writing lesson plans - so much of what I do changes no mater what is written in my planner.)

Then she showed me her Erin Condren Life Planner.  Again it was pretty and it was colorful and I thought hmmmmm... maybe that would help me get a bit more organized.  So I thought about it, and I poked around on the website.  I decided it was too expensive.  And I poked around on the website.  And I decided that my husband would give me one as a birthday gift!  That is totally legitimate ... right?

So it arrived!

 Sorry for the terrible lighting - I am not a photographer by any stretch! And it was a rainy, gray day so very little natural light.

At first I had no idea what to do!  But I jumped right in anyway!  At first I tried color coding things.  Home, work, cleaning, blog etc... Here was my dilema... in the morning I'm getting ready for work and during the day I'm at work - those two sections were fairly useless to me

 Then I started following some planstagram accounts (instagram accounts for #planneraddicts in which super talented and creative people post pictures of their beautifully decorated and planned out lives.)  Looking at these accounts brought me to the realization that I could customize my planner to work for me... so that is what I did.

I made stickers (tutorial HERE ... and check out the rest of her site while you're there - she has a bunch of free printable stickers and other things!)  My stickers say "eat and drink" with a water drop sticker to remind me to hydrate, "to do list", "don't forget" and "today".

I used this system for a few months adding in stickers and making some additional ones.  This was also when I discovered that I could buy stickers on Etsy.  This was super bad for my wallet - but super good for my planner prettiness!

I was still using the top box to write down my lunch and dinner, and to track my water intake.  The middle was my "to do list" where I wrote down my tasks for the day... and the bottom my 'don't forget' which was where I kept track of my appointments and my regular weekly tasks.  The very bottom was where I made a quick reflection on what kind of day I'd had.  The left sidebar was for my grocery list!

I was also using a different color for each day as you can see!

I decided I wasn't using my top box efficiently enough (I just don't need that much space to write my meals)  So I made full sized stickers where I could put my meals, water intake and two things I needed to do everyday (this way I wouldn't have to write them in - they were already on the sticker)  I also included a little box at the bottom to track my spending - this was something I was not good at!  The other two sections remained the same.

Then I tried a routines or habits tracker on the left side-bar.  This did not work overly well for me. Especially on Thursday thru Sunday when my planner was folded over and I couldn't see it.  I made the $ section bigger (at the top) to track incomings and outgoings for our banking accounts (kind of like my check register).  The other sections remained the same.

In April I decided the top section would be my school to-do's and I moved my dinner over to the left side.  I still hadn't given up on my routines.

Now that I am home for the summer on my maternity leave I have put the dinner and water tracker back in the top section - with space to track my workouts.  It's kind of my health section.  The other sections are still the same!

So what is my point in this very long winded post.  Make the planner work for you.  My planner did not stay the same from month to month.  I had to change it up depending on what was working for me and what wasn't.  I doubt my planner has reached it's final state.  Chances are good that I will be changing the layout again as soon as this sheet of layout stickers is used up. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner - Stickers!

Ok, so my latest obsession is my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I use it primarily for keeping my home life in order, however it is sometimes used for school stuff!  I have been making stickers for myself and buying stickers from many different ETSY shops.

Well I decided that I would like to sell the stickers I am making...

It's a PDF with 110 stickers for your planner!
(no actual stickers are sent to you - you can print and cut as many times as you'd like!)

Each sticker comes in 10 different patterns!

You also get instructions for printing and cutting
(more than one option)

OH! I am giddy with excitement for these! 

If you got here from Instagram and aren't a teacher - no worries! A Teachers Pay Teachers account is free, and you can sign up even if you aren't a teacher! (My sister is a vet student - she has an account for finding adorable clipart!)

I will be making additional sets in other patterns too!

I hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Peek at My Week - Jan 12

I am so proud of myself! I am back for another week to link-up with Ms. Wills Kindergarten for a Peek at My Week!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or a great deal to say about last week - In my K group one student was absent all week and we had a delay which cancels my first grade group - so basically the teaching I actually did... didn't completely follow my plans.  BUT I felt so much more ready for the week than I have all year!

I will try to remember to take notes and pictures this week so next week I can do a review!

First up this week is Kindergarten.  Bonus - I'm planned out for the next two weeks!  I did this because Monday is a holiday so I took a chunkier unit (body parts) and broke it up into 2 - 4 day sessions with one day at the end to put all the pictures in our dictionary (the kids love doing this!)
You'll notice "Play Simon Says" is on here a lot - The kids love leading Simon Says it's both vocabulary and speaking practice and whenever I do a Body Unit we play a lot! (Even when I did it with 3rd, 4th and 5th one year!)
PDF with Clickable Links can be found HERE

Next up is first grade.  To make up for the fact that I am planned 2 weeks out for K - I am not planned for first on Friday (*sigh*)  Granted I have a general outline for the unit - but no written plans yet.  That is Monday's goal!  (I'm writing it down on my to-do list and everything!)
I have fewer TPT materials for this unit - but I am using my Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Areas for Kids a lot this unit.  Folks - this is a great resource for ESL/ELL kiddos.  It is by no means perfect and I find myself adapting or supplementing a lot, but it is a really, really good base!

PDF with Clickable Links can be found HERE

Ok I need to pack my lunch and school bag and get out my clothes for tomorrow!

Head over to Ms. Wills Kindergarten to see what everyone else will be doing this week!

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Peek at my Week!

When I started blogging this summer I came across Mrs.Wills Kindergarten's weekly link-up: Peek at my Week, and I said to myself: YES! I will do that! - guess what? It didn't happen.  There were a few reasons which I won't go into, but the good news:  I did it for this coming week!

I only typed up plans for K and 1.  I'm starting off slow...

Click here for PDF with Clickable Links!

Click here for PDF with Clickable Links!

Go To Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to see what everyone else will be up to for this first week for 2015!

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