Monday, July 27, 2015

Plan with me Sunday

Plan with Me Sundays - Linky Party

... on Monday!

Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder are doing an Erin Condren Giveaway on their pages for this week's Plan With Me Sunday!

This week is the back to school edition of this linky, so I'm going to show you my teacher planner, and how I have it set up!

I have always struggled to find teacher planner peace.  You can read more about that in my teacher planner post from last year!

I know two things about what I need in a teacher planner:
1. It has to be a physical, I-can-hold-it-in-my-hands, thing.  I CAN NOT do online lesson planning.  I have to be able to write it down.
2. It has to be pre-bound.  Binders or arc systems don't work for me... I end up taking out pages and losing them, or not ever putting them in at all!

This year I am trying the Bloom Daily Planner - Teacher Planner
Find it HERE!

There are a few things that I love about this planner!
1. It meets the above requirements of being a paper-pencil planner and it is spiral bound
2. It is colorful
3. It will fit my needs as a small group teacher (not pre-labeled with subjects I don't teach!)
4. Each monthly spread has a goal setting page before and a goal reflection page after along with space to take notes.
5.  The monthly spreads are all together in the front and the weekly pages are all together in the back.  This is something new for me this year.  Whenever I have made my own I put the weekly pages behind the monthly spread, but I find that I really don't use the monthly spreads that much!  So I'm going to use this cute book clip my sister made me to mark my spot in my weekly plans!

So here is what I did for set up since the planner comes undated!

Step 1 - go to Hobby Lobby for the Following items:

Available Here and Here - or in the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby

Step 2 - go to Michael's for the Following Washi Tape Tube:

Not available online at this time - but you can find it in store!
Step 3: Turn on Netflix and get comfy!

Step 4: Using the 'Create your own Calendar Sticker Pack' from Hobby Lobby Date your Monthly pages.

Step 5: Using the Calendar Date Stickers - date your weekly pages.  I only put dates on the weeks I was in school (I skipped the weeks of Christmas Break, Winter Break and Spring Break).  I suggest writing the dates on post-it notes and sticking it to each weekly spread first.

Step 6: Start having fun with Washi Tape!  I used Washi Tape on my monthly and weekly spreads to mark when we had days off or vacations.  I also used the additional stickers from the 'Create your own Calendar Sticker Pack' to mark whether it was a day off or vacation, and to mark holidays!  I also plan to use 4 different colors of Washi Tape to tape the edges of my weekly spreads to mark the 4 different marking periods.  I haven't done this yet though because our marking period dates have not come out yet and while I could make an educated guess - I don't want to be wrong!

Step 7: Start writing lesson plans!  I haven't done this yet either.  I don't start until September so this step will have to wait... but I am ready for it!

What do you use for a planner? Are you a Paper and Pencil or Digital Planner?  Binder? Arc? Spiral? Print it yourself or Purchase?  Color or Black and white?

Are you on instagram?  Link up with me (@michelle_alltogether) to show off your teacher planner and use #MyTeacherPlanner

Here's Mine:

And here's a blank one for you!

And don't forget to check out Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris and Kreative in Kinder to check out everyone else's Plan With Me Sunday!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Plan with me Sunday!

Plan with Me Sundays - Linky Party

.... On Wednesday

Ok, so I'm very very late to the party.  But I have a 2 month old and a cold, so you'll forgive me right?

I actually wasn't going to link up, but then Kim from I Teach Stem shared Thing Link on FB.  She used it to create her About Me.  I'm going to use it today to show you my planner supplies!

Just click the little white dots to learn more!

Wasn't that fun!

Go ahead to either Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris or Kreative in Kindergarten to read about everyone else's planner supplies.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently July

How is it already July - wasn't it just June 1st a day or two ago.  OMG my baby boy is almost 2 months old.  

Angular Momentum
Image Credit

Can we all start spinning counterclockwise so the earth slows down?


But since it is July 1st I'm linking up with the awesome Farley at Oh boy 3rd Grade

... listening ...
the storm clouds are passing over us, we'll go from sun to pouring rain and back again
... loving ...
my mom is out visiting and my dad and sisters will be here on Friday
... thinking ...
really, it shouldn't be July yet, or we should get another month in between July and August
... wanting ...
I have been to have a manicure in a really long time, but my nails are nice and long right now so I'd really like one.  Maybe I'll do my own in a little bit.
... needing ...
I need the rain to stop so they can come give me an estimate on repairing or replacing my roof... pluss I need to mow the lawn.
... all star ...
I'd say I'm an all star at crafting, paper crafts are my specialty!

Go on over to Farley's blog to link up and read everyone's currently!

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