Thursday, December 3, 2015

All I want for Christmas is...

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 Ok Teacher-Moms, and Mom-Teachers... are you tired?  Because I know I am!

... So I was curious about the craziest things we've done while under the influence of 

... Enjoy...

"I put my kids to bed without diapers on." - Bridget A.

"I put a poopy diaper in the pantry because I apparently got side tracked and forgot I sat it down." - Casey P.

"the whole family went out to dinner, was gone for two hours and came home to realize I had already started dinner on the stove..." - Casey P.

"Pudding Snack Pack in the washer. Lol" - Lluvia G.

"Something my mom brain does too often is put my phone to charge and not plug it to the wall" - Lluvia G.

"I had my daughter perfectly dressed for picture day. Really cute new outfit with a matching bow, pig tails were perfectly even. Really feeling like I knocked it out of the park. Until I got myself to work and a colleague pointed out I had on two completely different shoes." - Meghan C.

"One night I was so tired I poured my juice into my bowl of pasta instead of into my cup." -Michelle H. (me)

"Got all ready to go, baby in car seat, diaper bag on shoulder, keys in hand and ready to walk out the door.... but I had no shoes on my feet!" - Michelle H. (me)

"I traveled back home... I packed half of my face care products, but ALL of their caps. Yep, started pulling out products and pulled out two caps with no bottles." -Jennifer T.

"I dipped my fries into {baby's} green bean/pear purée tonight instead of honey mustard." -Kerri B.

"I'm so tired... I started pumping and forgot to attach bottles." -Cassie T.

"I've put food that goes on the fridge on the cabinet and vise versa. I've also put clothes on backwards/inside out." - Martha M.

"Once I pulled out what I thought was a pair of black socks from the drawer and put them on. I looked down and noticed I had a brown sock on, so I took them off and looked for a pair of black socks. I couldn't find a pair, and then saw my original pair of socks were black! I got super confused and just figured the lighting was bad. Turns out I was actually wearing one black sock and one brown sock!! And who would notice, but the most sporty boy in my class! I was just like, whatever! And I wore two different socks that day!" - Angela N.

"Pregnancy brain: made a wrong turn on the way to school. I've been driving the same way for 4 years." -Maria C.

"Opened the fridge and poured milk in my dog's bowl. I have no idea what I was thinking!" - Maria C.

"Remote into the fridge. Formula in a coffee cup. Laundry in the washer but didn't start it." - Jennifer T.

"Ohh where to start... I tried to open the door to my house with the car remote. Put conditioner on my loofah instead of body wash. Wore two scarves to work (and got compliments - ha!). Wore two completely different earrings (no one told me, figured it out when I got home)." - Sara E.

"My biggest one as of late is looking for my phone for a long time and either find it in my hand already or in my pocket where I never thought to look. My other most recent one was freaking out that I couldn't put my car into drive and I thought something was wrong with my car to find I had never turned it on." - Heidi D.

"I found my phone in the fridge earlier tonight." - Nicole C.

"Once, I tried for a good minute to put {baby's} car seat front facing and could not for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't lock in!" - Katie P.

"TWICE this year I have pulled out of the McDonald's drive thru after paying without getting my coffee." - Tiffany B.

"When I was pregnant, I started running the bath to soak because my back was killing me, but I got sidetracked, and just a few minutes later our bathroom was flooded."

So my Christmas Wish for all of us Teacher-Moms and Mom-Teachers is a nice long nap (or 2)!

What are some of the craziest things you've done when you were exhausted?

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