Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Favorite Books

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As the daughter of an avid reader, as a teacher and as a mom I can say without hesitation and falseness that I love books!  My classroom library is huge, much larger than necessary for a pull-out teacher.  My son's library at home is quite honestly overflowing.  Books are awesome... and these are some of this Teacher-Mom's favorites!

I learned to 'read' this book in first grade.  I put read in quotations because I really just had it memorized! There is a cassette tape of first-grade me reading this book somewhere!  
This book is great because it has a rhythm and the words are repetitive.  Whenever I would read this too my students they would start to read along with me.  There are also hand motions and a song.  My son loves the pictures and especially loves it when I sing the story.  This books is so awesome I still have it memorized!

This is an old book... so old you can't get new copies for less than $100 now (at least not on Amazon)!  However, maybe your local library has a copy.  This adorable book about the trouble children get into while mom and dad are away (hint: it involves paint!) brings me right back to my childhood.  The words are simple, and the pictures are colorful.  This would be an easy book to learn to read and definitely one children (and adults) can enjoy over and over.

Here's another book from my childhood that is pretty hard to get a hold of these days.  I love this book for the rhyming text and the pictures.  I'm sure you've seen Steven Kellogg's illustrations elsewhere (The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, the Pinkerton books, Is Your Mama a Llama ... just to name a few) you know they are detailed, colorful and exquisite.  My favorite part of this book are the pages at the end where the boy is dreaming about flying on the goose.  Every time I look I see something new.

Baby Boy loves the Sandra Boynton board books.  I remember loving them from when I was young too!  As an animal lover you can't help but laugh at the antics these guys get into!

This one is actually my husband's childhood favorite, and he bought it as a gift prior to baby boy's birth. It is great because there are so many objects in the book to point out and name!  And it's pretty funny too!

 Last but not least we have Wish.  This book was a gift from one of my colleagues at my school baby shower.  It is a beautiful depiction of how hard it can to become parents and how much love a parent has for a child before he or she is even born.  I tear up whenever I read it.

Ok I lied... one more.  Have you heard of these books?  They are customizable so that pages of the book spell your child's name!  We got one as a gift shortly after baby boy was born.  Since his name is so long reading it to him at this point is an exercise in frustration (won't sit still)!  However, I am sure that when he is older it will be one of his favorites.  After all, he is the main character.  

So what books are your families' favorites?

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