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Easter Baskets

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Michelle here from Teaching Eternity.

Easter is coming up, and just in case you're a last-minute TeacherMom who's out of ideas... We present to you...

Yes, we've scoured Pinterest, and yes, we all wish we could create those awesome Easter baskets... But Easter is only 5 days away and 'ain't nobody got time for that'! 

I asked a bunch of moms what they were putting in their kiddos' Easter baskets.  There were a lot of awesome ideas!  One of my favorites, and a recurring theme, was a basket full of summer items!  Since summer is coming up I thought that was a great idea, and wished I'd seen it before I'd started collecting for my own son's basket.  So I'll definitely be saving it for next year!

So here is a list of ideas, broken down by age range for your Easter baskets!  (There is a lot of overlap... and of course BOOKS makes the list every time!) Each age range is it's own list, so they can be printed out and brought with you to the store!

Clothes and Board Books were definitely popular answers for this age range.  My son will have the Hug-a-Bible in his basket.  It's cover is like a sheep, and it's adorable! Another great idea that I saw for these guys is to put their little finger foods, like puffs or yogurt drops, in their eggs!  That will definitely be happening in this house! Practical things like pacifiers and socks are fine too... they won't know the difference! Here are some of my favorite book choices:
Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny!
Llama Llama Easter Egg
Happy Easter Mouse
Ollie's Easter Eggs
Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?

Toddler age was when the summer items really started popping up.  Anything to get those kiddos playing outside!  If you lived near a beach your Easter basket could be a beach pail with beach toys, a swim suit and towel inside.  For those of us not lucky enough to live near a beach, but lucky enough to have access to a pool, floaties, pool toys along with a swimsuit and towel will make for an awesome summer.  No beach, no pool, no problem! Get them some toys to dig around in the dirt or bubbles or chalk.  Endless summer fun is headed your way! Here are some of my favorite books for these guys!
Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt
Happy Easter Little Critter
Splat the Cat: Where's the Easter Bunny?

I saw a lot of craft suggestions for this age.  Coloring books and Crayons were popular, along with stickers, markers and chalk.  This was also the first time I had someone recommend candy.  Summer toys were still very popular along with DVDs.  Here are some great book ideas:
Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter
The Biggest Easter Basket Ever
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick
Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter
The Night Before Easter

Once we got to our school age kiddos I had more suggestions for fun and practical things like water bottles, watches, hats, and umbrellas.  There were still a lot of suggestions for outdoor things which makes makes sense as we teacher moms will be home with these kiddos all summer... we've got to keep them busy! If you're looking for some Easter themed books here are some of my favorites:
Captain Awesome and the Easter Egg Bandit
The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs
Junie B. Jones: Dumb Bunny
The Easter Story
Emma the Easter Fairy

I had lots of suggestions from moms of young teens.  Food and money or gift cards were very popular.  Although movies made quite a few appearances, as did video games.  As someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with either of these age ranges (not since my sisters were this age 10+ years ago) I don't have much to add to their suggestions.  At this age Easter books are tough to find, so I'd suggest books your child would be interested in.  Maybe a how-to draw for the budding artist or the next book in their favorite series.  When all else fails a trip to the library or book store for them to choose their own equals quality time together and a happy kid!

Here are some of the Easter baskets the members of SeeMamaTeach have put together!  (We mostly have littles)

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