Saturday, September 17, 2016

Favorite Fall Books

I'll be starting our Fall Unit in Kindergarten next week, so I took a moment to pull all of my fall books for our kindergarten book bin.  I was surprised at how few I had!  So I made a stop at the library on my way home and grabbed a few more.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you!

This book is fun to read-aloud! Since the words of the book follow the tune of the song I often find myself reading in a sing-song voice.  I like to stop every few pages and ask the kids "Why do you think she swallowed the ______?"  Or I'll ask "What do you think she could be making with the _____, ______, and _____?"  The kids think this Old Lady is hilarious.  When you're done you can do sequencing activities too.  

I picked this book up at the library, and it is adorable.  I'm not sure it would be the best as a read-aloud, but I definitely think it will be a favorite with the Kindergartners next week.  The pictures are combination of leaf rubbings and stampings, and construction paper illustrations.  I love that it shows different leaves from all different trees.  I plan to start collecting leaves as they fall in the coming weeks, and bring them in for the kids to try and figure out what leaves they have!

This book is great for a small-group, interactive read-aloud.  Almost every page has a question or activity for the class.  It talks about the many changes in fall, like the birds flying away and the sun setting earlier.  It talks about fall weather; getting cooler, rainy and windy.  It also talks about the things we do in fall, like harvest crops and go back to school.  In the back there are activity suggestions too! 

This was another library pick-up, and I've already ordered it, and many of the other Mouse books, from Amazon!  This would be another great read-aloud book.  The language in this book is simple, yet very rich.  The sentence structure is repetitive to appeal to a young reader, but it includes vocabulary for describing the leaves, and many different action words to describe what Mouse and Minka are doing outside on the cool fall day.  I think I may actually need to order a second set... one for home and one for school!

I love how this book starts with the end of summer, and ends with the start of winter.  It is like a little snapshot of the sequence of fall within a book.  The focus of this fall book is fall leaves, and all the things you can do with them.  The kids catch leaves in a net, jump on leaves, compare leaf sizes and shapes, rake leaves etc.  They also make a picture with the leaves and collect and label leaves.  My Fall Vocabulary Unit has two writing prompts that correspond to this book.

Looking for more fun fall books?  Check out these sites:

Do yo have any suggestions?  What other fall books should I be adding to my collection?

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