Friday, August 5, 2016

If a mom makes it to nap time

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If a mom makes it to nap time...

She will start a pot of coffee in anticipation of getting a lot done!

While she is waiting for the coffee to brew she will notice the breakfast dishes still on the table.  She will start rinsing and putting them in the dishwasher.  This is when she will remember they are out of cereal.

So she will go looking for a pen and pad of paper to start a grocery list.  She will look in the living room.  No pen and paper, but she did find one dirty sock and a discarded towel.

Knowing she'll find pen and paper in the office she treks upstairs.  She sits down at her computer desk and sees the email notification from her favorite place to shop (they're having a sale).  She'll go on the site and see the new bedding sets.

Which will remind her that she put the comforter in the washer last night.  Fearing that mildew smell she'll race downstairs to put the comforter in the dryer.  On the way she will almost trip over the dog toy left in the hallway.  This will remind her that the dogs need to eat.

She will head to the closet, but the dog food container is empty.  She will go into the garage to get a new bag of dog food.  When she opens the garage door she will see the garbage cans and recyclables bins all but overflowing, which will remind her that she needs to put out the trash.

Before she can take out the trash though she needs to make sure the garbage cans throughout the house are empty (hint: they're not) .  So she will go upstairs to collect it all. When she steps into the bedroom she will notice the unmade bed.  She will remember her goal of making the bed every morning! Sitting on the nightstand next to the bed is her tablet.  She decides to watch one episode of NCIS before getting the rest of her work done.

So she gets into bed, props herself up on the pillows and before the opening credits she is nodding off. And chances are good, the second mom nods off the baby will wake up, and she'll need that pot of (now cold) coffee to get through the rest of the day!

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