Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cinderella Story Elements Writing

Welcome back for part 2 of my Cinderella story elements blog posts!  Last post I talked about the reading portion of our Cinderella unit.  This post will focus on the writing and the bonus reader's theater we performed at the end!

Once we had heard about all the different Cinderella stories we were able to come up with some commonalities between stories.  The students did this in their groups first, and then we compiled everyone's ideas.  Again, our teacher sheet is not to be found, but it looked like this!

Now came the fun part... Each student was given a blank graphic organizer with the story elements and tasked with writing their own version of Cinderella!  They wrote awesome stories.  Some Cinderellas were Scissorellas and lost her tip at the arts and crafts store.  There was a zombie Cinderella whose parents had been cured and she lost her arm at the dance.  There was a Cinderella who lost her sunglasses at a concert and a Cinderella who lost her towel at a beach party.  We had fairy-cat-mothers and even twin Cinderellas who fell in love with twin Princes.  It was fabulous!
In the resources available on TpT I have also included a writing conferencing sheet, and rubric for grading. 

This was the even more fun part.  I found, way back when, this musical of Cinderella Around the World by Jenny Kidd (Please note the link goes to a google search because I can only find the word document for this production much to my dismay. Providing you with the search allows you to determine which copy you'd prefer to open.  The first two will open the play) I cut out the singing parts and then split each scene into groups.  Each group had its own Cinderella (7 Cinderellas all together).  Some students with smaller parts had more than one character to cover.  I created a backdrop in PowerPoint including a map with the continents showing where Cinderella was in each scene.  The students loved performing this so much we invited 2nd grade in to view and then the other third grade classes and the principal.  Alas I have no pictures of this because I was too busy wearing my director's hat! So you'll just have to trust me that when I told the students we had just completed our final performance and they could take their lines home there was a gasp of dismay!
I have share my backdrop for free HERE!

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