Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the Currently Again! 
(this makes 2 blog posts in one day!)

Listening - my dogs are running about and whining at the windows and the people walking by.  Also the clock in the office is still ticking away.  (please note that I do listen to music and audio books and TV shows - I just can't do it while writing - or the words I hear become the words I write and it takes twice as long) Also my neighbor just started up a leaf blower.

Loving - After a month of working nights (6pm-6am) my hubs is done and has the entire weekend off to recover and switch back to a daytime schedule!  We used yesterday to play some video games and do some registering for BABY! Today we woke up super early (clock change and we went to bed early!) and ate breakfast, sat on the couch and now he is napping.

Thinking - Man Oh Man do I need to get some school stuff done - I am not ready for this week yet (close but not yet)

Wanting - A Bagel - Like I said hubs and I were awake early and we tried to go get Bruegger's but they weren't open yet.  That's right we were up and about before Bruegger's was open,

Needing - I am feeling lazy - but I need to get that house cleaned and get school work done.  I'd say time for coffee - but I don't and can't drink coffee.

Reading -  I have been reading a lot of mom and newborn and pregnancy blogs and articles lately.  I am also listening to an Audio Book (Angel's Fall by Nora Roberts) does that count?

Ok I'm off to try and get some stuff done - plus it's cold in this room!
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What the Teacher Wore

Here are my looks for the week!
Monday October 27
 For Monday's #pinneditspinnedit I did a little shopping!
Black Corduroy Pants By Sonoma from Kohl's
Cream Embossed Sweatshirt By Apt. 9 from Kohl's (recent purchase - extremely comfortable - cute pattern)
Green Pashimina Infinity Scarf by Apt. 9 from Kohl's (recent purchase -other colors available)

Tuesday October 28 
 This #pinneditspinnedit encouraged me to coordinate colors I normally wouldn't
Silver Maxi Skirt by Apt. 9 from Kohl's
Black Side-Ruched Long Sleeved Top from Old Navy (recent purchase - clearance)
Blue Fly Away by Dana Buchman from Kohl's (this top has almost a sheer pattern to it - very cool but it doesn't photograph well)
Scarf - by ME!

Thursday October 29
I was not feeling the #pinneditspinnedit this day
Boots from Famous Footwear (recent purchase)
Chino Leggings by Vera Wang from Kohl's (regular stock)
Chiffon Top by Lauren Conrad from Kohl's (recent purchase - longer in back)

Boots by Candie's from Kohl's
Sweater Tights by Apt 9 from Kohl's
Navy and White Tee-Shirt Dress from Old Navy (recent purchase - clearance)
Tan Cardigan from Old Navy

Friday October 31
That's right I'm having a baby! Hubs and I are super-de-duper excited!
Boots from Famous Footwear
Halloween Socks from JoAnn Fabrics (of all places)
X-ray shirt from Amazon
Orange Fly Away from JCPenney
Dogs - rescues
Ecstatic Mom and Dad to Be!
10 Week Ultrasound Pic!

What did you wear this week?!?!

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