Monday, July 28, 2014

Curriculum Part 2! - Some of my Favorite Internet Sources

As you can see from last week's picture - my table is covered with curriculum materials to pull from.  However I use a lot of internet sources as well. I have so many tabs open my computer usually crashes!

Teachers pay Teachers is one of my absolute favorite things!  I don't remember how I found resources before this.  I love to search for free things! I can search by my topic and find some awesome activities. Once I find a read-aloud book I'll search here for activities to go with the book. There are even emergent readers! I love this site!

Amazon is great for finding read-aloud books.  I love their 'look inside' feature.  Once I find a good read-aloud book I will search my library (see below), my school's library and public library.  Generally I can find the books in one of those two places.  Since I am getting curriculum ready now I can keep a list of books to reserve from the library and when I need to have them.  Hopefully this keeps me organized!

Library Thing is a great place to catalog the books for your classroom library.  You can tag your books with different topics, or reading levels or whatever you want.  I will search my books for a title, or topic.  I can also search what other people have tagged as a certain topic.  I have over 1,000 books listed!

Reading A-Z is great for leveled readers.  I will have the books printed in color through BOCES.  For K students I generally read the book then use the comprehension question cards as our discussion.  I will mount them on cardstock and laminate them.  For first and second grade I will print the worksheets, quiz and comprehension questions.  

If I can't find a leveled reader on Reading A-Z I will check Hubbard's Cupboard.  Her printable booklets are generally very good for K students.  The books generally have a black and white student copy, and a larger teacher copy.  I have the teacher copy printed on cardstock, laminated and bound.  Then I will make comprehension questions and laminate them.  

What are some of your favorite places to find resources?

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