Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently

I haven't blogged since the March Currently... but since it's been super busy around here it's ok!

But since it's April 2nd I just have to link up with Farley for April Currently!

Listening - folks there are birds chirping! This is very exciting after what was quite possibly the coldest winter ever! (seriously February was a record-breaking cold month in Syracuse).  But now I'm wondering why I don't hear the clock... batteries must be dead.

Loving - OMG so many things! 1 - today is going to be 60 degrees - we haven't seen this since November and I am stoked! (Does anyone say stoked anymore?) 2 - I love Baby Hykin!  I am due in 4 and a half weeks and I'm so in love already (although being pregnant is not my favorite) I can't wait to hold my tiny human! 3 - Baby Hykin's Daddy!  My husband is also smitten with the bump.  He talks to the bump all the time and he and baby "play" (he pushes on the bump - baby pushes back!) He is also being great to me as I am now solidly into month 8 and huge and tired!

The BUMP! (at 35 and a half weeks!) - the bump never looks as big in pictures as it looks and feels in real life.

Thinking - Tomorrow starts Spring Break and I have a lot to do! I am visiting 3 different pediatricians, I have an OB appt and Sonogram (which I am very excited for) Hubs and I have childbirth class, and I have so many nursery projects and school projects I need to complete!

Wanting - The warmer weather to stick around.  Yes it will be 60 degrees today - but then there is more snow (just a dusting but still!) in the forecast for the weekend!  I mean come on!

Spring needs to stand up to winter and kick it in the snowballs.
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Needing - the energy and motivation to get all the things done I want to get done! Thankfully a lot of it is sit down work!

My name - my blog name comes from my favorite teaching quote:

Clever Classroom Back to School Quotes for the New Year: A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
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Ok go to Farley's blog, link up, and comment, comment, comment!

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