Thursday, January 22, 2015


This morning as I was hitting the snooze button (repeatedly) I can across a super cute insta-linky from @onefab_teacher (who has a great IG account!)...
... and as soon as I was done I just knew I needed to bring it over here for some elaboration.

1 - this year I am sharing a classroom with the 3 reading teachers.  While my classroom-mates are wonderful people, I quite simply wish I still had my own teaching space!  Things gets super hectic when all four of us are trying to teach at once!  Or when I have a group and other groups are entering and exiting.  Hopefully once the middle school expansion is complete and the 6th graders move back to their own building I will have my original room back!

2 - every time I have my kiddos use glue sticks they have such a hard time with the caps!  I have to put on my muscles to get them off! Really not a big deal - just a pet peeve kind of thing!

3 - again this year in my new space I am much further away from the copy machine and the paper cutter!  In my old room the art teacher (next door) and I would joke that they should just put a door in the wall between my room and her storage room where the paper cutter is because I was in there ALL THE TIME!  Now in my new space (and getting increasingly preggo) I really wish I had a little elf to run to and from the copier and paper cutter!

I suppose since 2 of my wishes are for magical things I've got it pretty good huh?

If you are on IG look up @onefab_teacher and do your own #teacherwishes
And make sure you follow her while you're there - her posts will brighten your day!

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