Sunday, December 21, 2014

Teacher goals!

Ok so this cute graphic is all over instagram! And I think I was supposed to wait for someone to tag me, but I couldn't resist any longer... And now I want to talk more about it!

1 - sleep!  Y'all I'm tired, like really tired. So once hubby goes to work each day it's back to bed for the dogs and I!
2 - clean! My house is a mess, a complete disaster area, a my-husband-had-the-week-off-and-we-spent-all-of-it-being-lazy, followed by week-from-hell, and yesterday i-just-wanna-craft pit of doom and despair. So my goal for today (after finishing this blog post, eating with my husband then taking a nap) is to get my house cleaned up. FOCUS MICHELLE!
3 - SCRAPBOOK - I have scrapbooks that I have been neglecting. I am determined to send more time scrapbooking than doing anything else this week! I'm going to work on the pregnancy and baby scrapbook. I've got one for a friend and I've got some scrapbook-type gifts to finish. My craftroom will need to be cleaned when I'm done!

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