Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 10 Insta Pics of 2014!

Natalie from Teachery Tidbits has a super cute linky going on! She wants to know all about our top 10 instagram pics from 2014.

Instagram has become my favorite social media site!  I had great intentions this year of posting many school things, and while I did manage to post teacher outfits regularly, most of my pictures are of my dogs, with some other stuff thrown in.

I used Iconosquare to try to find my most like and commented posts, but they weren't my favorite so I just picked on my own!

How many pictures of this scenario have I posted at this point?
This is such a common occurance in my house!  Willow loves to just snuggle up while Salvatore is always begging to play! I also hadn't learned hashtags yet!

spending some hours with baby Ava #practicingmommy
I went to spend some time with this adorable sweetheart and I can't wait for Baby Ava and Baby Hykin to be the very best of friends!  I went back to visit last week and got lots and lots of practice! (diapers, baths, swaddling, snuggling)

in my #xmasjammies #penguins #merrychristmas
I did lots of outfit posts this year but this one is by far my favorite as I got to post a picture of myself in PAJAMAS! I love pajamas.

Hykin family nap on the couch (yes that is my leg clad in penguin pajamas)
I actually managed to catch all of us sleeping on the couch - those penguin pajamas were my Christmas jammies 2 years ago!  

Theater tickets from Sam's and my first date
My in-laws were moving and bringing over things from my hubs' bedroom, so I decided to clean out those boxes and bags one day and found these!  Yes, that's right our first date was September 9, 2014 - over 10 years ago!

7pm? try 4pm...#sorrynotsorry #teacherproblems #comfy #teachersfollowteachers
This was after my first professional development day this August, and is so true of what happens in my house everyday!  Pajamas! (I feel like there is a theme here!)

My birthday (tomorrow) was announced on the loudspeaker this morning.  My fifth grader whipped this up.  #makesitallworthit #lovemykiddos #iteachtoo #teachersfollowteachers #mademesmile
I love this student - she is an absolute darling.

bare feet in the sand
This is my favorite picture from hubs' and my April vacation we spent some time in LA and then Catalina Island.  I would love to go back soon!

#babyhykin got @samhykin a birthday present.  Not even born yet and already a dodgers fan!
For hubs' birthday Baby Hykin pledged his allegiance to the dodgers with this adorable teddy bear blanket!

guess what!
This is by far my favorite post of the year - when we finally got to tell the world about upcoming Baby Hykin - we are all super excited (the dogs maybe not as much) I thought this was the absolute best way to make the announcement - I wore this shirt to school for halloween, and just let people figure it out!  I wish I'd had a video camera to record reactions because they were great!

And that's it - my favorite instagram pics from 2014!  What were yours?

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  1. Great pics! I am just getting into the whole IG thing. I am not sure if I even had 10 pics this I a, hoping to do better in the future.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. I had plenty for 10 for the year, but I really only started this year. I think I like instagram even better than facebook!
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I love the pyjama theme!! Gotta love the feeling of nice warm pjs!!

    Awesome way to announce the coming arrival!!

    Learning to be awesome

    1. I love PJs it is widely known throughout my school that I put on my PJs the second I walk in the door!
      Thanks for visiting,

  3. Yes, PJs by 4....well, more like 5 since I get off at 4 :)
    Congrats on the pregnancy! What a fun way to announce it.
    Thanks for linking up!

    Teachery Tidbits

    1. If I'm not in pajamas at 5pm there is something wrong - one co-worker and I race to see who can be in pjs first (I generally win). Thanks! It's my first and I'm super excited.
      Thanks for visiting, Michelle

  4. Love your baby announcement (and all the pajamas, haha)!!! Congratulations!!! :D
    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

    1. Thanks! I'd say that this was an inaccurate representation of how frequently I wear PJs, but it's not.
      Thanks for visiting, Michelle