Friday, October 3, 2014

October Currently

Wait a minute - how did it get to be October already?  And October 3rd by the time I got around to doing Farley's Fantastic Currently Link Up?!?!?!

Listening - My dogs go nuts when I get home - I can't really blame them though since they've been in their kennels since I left this AM.  They love to run around like maniacs.  They actually were playing on the floor long enough for me to get a picture!

Loving - Did this week drag for anyone else?  It did for me and I felt like all the kids were off their rockers.  At one point I asked "Is it a full moon?"

Thinking - I started this blog at the very end of July and I had a lot more time for blogging then!  I have really not been doing well!  I'd say I hope things will start to settle down... but I doubt it!

Wanting - self -explanatory!

Needing - My house needs to be cleaned, laundry needs to get done - and I have nothing written in my plan book for next week! AHHHHHH

My Trick:

Have you seen this on Pinterest? 
Early Finisher drawers for each student. Differentiated work to target areas needing reinforcement.

They're early finisher bins.  I turned adapted this for my purposes and now my students keep their materials for group in their own drawer.  I have tried magazine files, I have tried the mailboxes...nothing has worked for me as well as these.  I get the ones meant for 12x12 scrapbook paper. (Hobby Lobby with a 40% off - 3 drawers for about $10 - cheapest price out there!)  I have them labeled with the students' names.  They keep their dictionaries in here and their work for the week and their journals.  I would highly recommend them for any room where students don't have desks of their own.  I will take a picture of mine and add it on Monday.

Head over to Farley's Blog to see what everyone else is currently up to.

I'm going to check out everyone's post for all the great tricks and treats!

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  1. I also can't believe that it is already October!!! The early finisher bins are a great idea! I love that there is a bin for each student. Thanks so much for sharing!!


  2. I hadn't seen that idea on Pinterest. I wish I had more room in my classroom. My students were also very talkative & demanding this week.I am wore out!