Friday, September 5, 2014

What the Teacher Wore - Week 1

OK folks - I don't know about you, but I love looking at all the super cute outfits on Pinterest.  And I follow the links and drool and follow the links to the clothes - and they are expensive!  So I sigh and return to Pinterest to rewind and do it all over again with some new drool-worthy outfit.  So decided that since I have started my blog, and have learned how to use hashtags on instagram, that I would like to take and post pictures of my own outfits through the year.

Warning now - I will tell you where the clothes came from (when I know), however unless they are new to me I won't be able to send you to purchase them.  I am a bargain hunter folks, and I love shopping the clearance racks, and since I once worked there and got an employee discount many many many of my clothing items will come from Kohl's.  You will also see clothes that I have made myself as I am an amateur sewer.

Second warning - I am not an overly fashionable person.  I do not wear statement necklaces.  I do not wear heels, and you will not see coordinating bags, as I use one teacher bag and that's it.

Warning number 3 - you will see my unmade bed in the background - my dogs refuse to get out of bed in the morning until I leave, and I'm just not going to make it around them.  I will however try to kick and push most of my mess out of the frame - I have some pride.

I hope you will enjoy seeing how I dress in my laid-back yet professional way.

Day 1: Tuesday September 2nd - First Day of School

This 3/4 sleeve maxi dress is from OLD NAVY.  They still have some like it over on their website.
The scarf (I adore scarves) is from Disney World.  My sister got it for me there almost 6 years ago.

Day 2: Wednesday September 3rd

Everything you see here is from Kohl's (except the sandals)
The capris are by Docker's
The tank (it's ruffled) is by Lauren Conrad
and the teal fly away (it's too light to be a cardigan) is by Jennifer Lopez
The sandals are from TJMaxx or Marshall's (I can't remember which)
All were purchased long enough ago that I don't remember when.

Day 3: Thursday September 4th

The sweater is from (I think) Walmart - and purchase back when I was in college!
I'm wearing a white tank from (you guessed it Kohl's) - Their Cami's are AWESOME - I wear one every day.
The skirt is one that I made!

Day 4 Friday September 5th
(generally Fridays are jean days - but it was too hot!)

All items are from Kohl's
The capris are by Docker's
The lace top is by Lauren Conrad
and the cami is by So
All were purchased many moons ago - although the cami's are still available and I highly recommend them.

So there you have it - my week in outfits.

Next week I will offer this as a linky party! So start taking those pictures ladies! (and gents too I suppose)

P.S. - Yes I do recycle my wardrobe - when a piece no longer fits, or I just don't wear it I will donate it.  Usually it gets donated to one of my sisters' closets, and I can often be heard saying "That shirt used to be mine" when I see them.  Otherwise I take clothes to the salvation army or church rummage sale etc.  Unless they are absolutely beyond redemption I do not throw them away.

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