Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday Giveaway - K-2 pack part 1

The birthday giveaway is rolling right along!  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Head to yesterday's post to read all about it!

Today I am going to tell you a little bit more about some of the items from our K-2 pack.

These Sight Word bracelets are cute and engaging and can be used in many ways.  

First and most obvious - your students can wear them as bracelets.  Can you imagine how proud a student would be when another teacher asks "What does your bracelet say?" and then they read it right off?  How cool!
Second - Rachel suggests that you glue them in a notebook for a sight word page - I'd add that if your students have a resource book they use during writing, you could glue or tape them in there. 
Third - You could print these on cardstock and laminate them, then punch a hole and put them on a binder ring for student reference.  
Fourth - These would support a read the room activity.  Since each Sight Word comes with 4 different animal choices if you printed and spread the bracelets out around the room students could find and read the word then write it under the animal that matches the animal on the bracelet!

I'm sure you could find even more uses!

Meredith's Pete the Cat Unit is great for working on colors and alphabet recognition skills.
There is a color sorting activity and color matching activities.  For more advanced students there is a color to color-word matching activity - and how cute are these color words with their little paw prints!

Then you get into the alphabet activities.  First there is a uppercase and lowercase matching activity. Next there are cards that can be laminated so students can use dry-erase markers to trace the letters. Third there is a multiple choice activity for matching uppercase to lowercase (or the reverse).  When I saw these I thought of the clickers that some of my teachers use with their Promethean board.  The last activity is a set of sheets for letter recognition.  There is one for each upper and lowercase letter!

Here are is the rafflecopter for these items!

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