Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Show Us What You Bought Linky

Blog Hoppin' is hosting a linky party so I can show off my recent purchase during the TPT BTS14 sale!

There is so much awesome stuff on TPT and I wish I could buy it all! Some of it makes me with I were a general classroom teacher - just so I could make use of all the goodness!  But I'm not, and honestly wouldn't change jobs, so I have to really dig deep to find the stuff that is going to be most beneficial to my emerging bilinguals (God I just love that term! - see my FAQ)... and here is what I got!

Listen Up! 1&2 The Bundle from Fluttering through First Grade ~ As listening is one of the 4 language domains I work on I am always on the look out for something other than an audio book!  I can't wait to use these!
Alphabet Doodle Font from Krista Wallden ~ I am using this for my pictionary this year, and I think the pictionary will be my first 'for sale' TPT product!  I have Krista's TPT store bookmarked all by itself since her products are adorable, she has so many freebies, and her terms of use are so clear for us newbie teacher-authors!
Penguins Letter Sound Matching Cards from Karen Cox ~ I wanted these just because they were penguins! Luckily it's a great resource too! And she gives awesome suggestions for multiple uses!
Back to School Clip Cards from Doodle Bugs Teaching ~ These popped up on my FB newsfeed not too long ago and I thought they were so great! I will definitely be using these for my colors and numbers vocabulary unit, as well as throughout the year for phonics review!
Mini Material Posters and Visual Instruction Cards from Ashley Hughes ~ These are A-W-E-S-O-M-E for emerging bilinguals.  Especially those students just at the beginning of their bilingual journey!  My friend Krystina had the Visual Instruction Cards in her classroom - and I just had to have them for myself.

I admit - I went back to TPT for a second trip!

Label It! & Label It 2! from Hello Literacy ~ These are authentic, real-life pictures that you can differentiate for the different levels of your students! Some students may just label with a first letter, some may point and say the words, some may be able to describe the picture with full sentences.  This was an awesome find!
Shapes Flip Books, Colors Flip Books, 5 Senses Flip Books from Lavinia Pop ~ First off let me say that I absolutely love everything Lavinia Pop makes! Her materials look so clean.  Don't get me wrong I love clip-art and borders and cooky fonts - but that's not great for little kiddos.  These three flip book sets will make a great addition to my Senses, Colors, and Shapes Vocabulary Units.

BTW - the Chalkboard Background for my images is from Emily Wean, and the font is KG Second Chances - who doesn't love a Kimberly Geswein Font!

And that's all folks! Those were my purchases during the BTS14 TPT sale.  Now I need to step away from my computer before I buy more!

What did you buy during the BTS14 Sale?

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  1. I love your purchases! I had a hard time deciding as well.