Sunday, August 3, 2014

Show me your teacher bag - Linky!

I am a bag-aholic.  It's not shoes for me, or jewelry... it's all about the bags.  But for this post I'm joining Teacher by the Beach to show you my teacher bag:

My bag is the Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote.  This thing is HUGE!  How big you ask... well:

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Inside we have my Planner, my Vera Bradley Stay Cooler, and my Vera Bradley pocket book which I can not name because it is old and they don't make it anymore, inside of which, yes, there is a Vera Bradley Turn-Lock Wallet.  And that is a Vera Bradley lanyard which is attached to my keys and school ID tag.

So maybe I am a Vera Bradley - aholic too.

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  1. love the vera!! I got a vera lanyard and wallet the other day thanks for linking up!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach
    A Splash of Life Blog