Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It! (With Freebies!)

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This weekend was a huge crafting weekend since my sister was here to visit for just that purpose!

The first thing I did was finish up a scrapbook!
Hubs and I went to Washington D.C. in April 2013.  I finally had the pictures printed when Shutterfly had a 101 free prints promo!

Head to my Facebook page for a closer look!

Then it was on to some school projects! The first thing I did was change my TPT to a sellers account (WOAH!) then I uploaded two FREEBIES!

First the I Can Posters.  I have been using these posters in my room to display our daily I can statements since February, but I just put on the cover, instructions page, and credits page and uploaded them to Teachers Pay Teachers!

Then I made these Vocabulary Self-Assessments!

They were my second Teachers Pay Teachers product - Free and Editable!  I can't wait to use these in my room and be more deliberate in my assessment and data tracking!

Come visit my store, leave feedback and follow!  There is more to come!

Then I worked on a banner for my bulletin board at school!

 I got that adorable Corrugate Stack from JoAnn's (One of my favorite places!)

I cut out a bunch (20) of triangles...

My Cricut worked it's magic and cut out the (20) scalloped circles and (20) circles with letters inside.  I seriously love this thing!

Then I assembled! Double-Sided tape is my favorite adhesive!

And VOILA! The two banners will hang over the two pocket charts (target dollar bin) on my bulletin board, and the gift bags will hold the new vocabulary and sight words for the week.  The kids will be so excited to open their 'gifts' each Monday!

Hmmmm... What am I making?

"Pinning" took on a whole new meaning this weekend.  (General I only use pins on pinterest!)

 I needed so much pinning space - my sister got kicked off to the 'kiddie table' (old TV stand)

It was finally time to start sewing! (She had a tiny corner of the table)

TaDa! it's a circle skirt!
I tried to get an action shot of the twirling but had no luck.

Here are the tutorials I loosely followed:

Woah that's a lot of Monday Made-Its!

What did you make this week?

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