Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - Wednesday

Today's Blog Hoppin' link up is all about why my organizational system works.  This was a tough one because I'm not an overly organized person - everything does not match and I have a mash-up of systems!  But it works for me - so that's all that matters I suppose!

Some times I do binders - I have a binder for my kindergarten alphabet activities, a binder for my sight words (for k and 1) and a binder for the road to reading I sometimes use with 1st.  These are things that I print ahead of time and have ready to go for the year! I also have a binder for NYSESLAT (state test) materials, reading a-z lesson plans, and some of the curriculum books I've taken apart over the years.  

Organized by letter
Back to school Alphabet Worksheets
Alphabet Bracelets
ABC Sort With Me
Organized by Monthly Use
Sight Words Cut & Paste Bundle
Sight Word Phrases for Homework
Simple Sentences the Bundle

Then I have my K and First Unit Folders (expanding files from target dollar bin - I have tons of them)  These are loosely organized inside.  They will go into my crate seats.  I should only need one or two out at a time.  I will also use these to organize materials for various reading strategies.
As I take out the unit folders I can make the copies needed and put them in these hanging pocket organizers.  Eventually there will be one pocket for each group - I set them up for the photo op.  My plan is to have each week's materials pulled, printed and ready to go before I leave school the Friday before.

Then I have my shelves with my centers.  Most of these are from Have Fun Teaching.  They are arranged left to right, top to bottom from easiest (Alphabet Recognition) to hardest (rhyming) with CVC and short vowels in the middle.  I still have a lot of these to cut out!  I store them in ziploc bags

On top I put my white boards and clip boards.  The fabric bin is from Kohl's from years ago.   The little blue bucket holding the markers is also from the target dollar bin (a magical place)

And that is my Smorgasbord of organizational strategies!

Be sure to head to Blog Hoppin' to check out everyone else's organization!

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