Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - Tuesday

Today's Blog Hoppin' link up is all about where I teach.  As in show off your class space (I don't have a room - I have a space)

I share my room with the three reading teachers - we each have a corner (easier said than done as it isn't a rectangular room!)  It will be nice to have friends nearby - but I am concerned about the NOISE!  4 teaching at once could be a trick!

 My desk and table from reading teacher #1's side of the room! (Please ignore the garbage can I just got boxes back from the print shop) You'll notice I have no chairs - that is because crate seats are in the works!  They'll look awesome and be a practical way to get some more storage in my room!

 My rocking chair, carpet and bulletin board from reading teacher #1's side of the room!  I've had the rocking chair since I was young and my mother made the pillows! (thanks mom!)

I just moved from a room about twice as big with a 2nd cabinet!  The students will label the drawers, luckily I don't have too many files!

When we moved in in May the custodians were also moving many others so my white board won't go up until school starts up again.  I don't want to put anything else up until that is up so I know how much space I have.

Labeling my library is on my permanent to-do list.

The long walk from my space to the rest of the kiddos! (We're so far away!)

I can't wait to see what everyone else has to show off! (I will probably be jealous)


  1. 4 teachers in one room is common for reading/esl teachers in my district too! Good luck! Your room looks great! I love the rocking chair! :)

    1. Thanks - this is my first year sharing a space so I'm a little bit anxious about it!