Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - Thursday

Today's Blog Hoppin' Link Up is all about when I do things - a look into my day.

Honestly I can't give you a look into my day, because I won't have a schedule until the first week of school.  Scheduling this year will be a nightmare!  I have at least one student at each grade level K-6, K-4 all have their ELA blocks in the AM, and grade 6 has a rotating schedule!  Every year I think it can't get harder to make up a schedule - but somehow I'm always wrong!  Then I have to schedule in my 30 minute lunch and 40 minute plan time - all between 8:35 and 2:25.  So needless to say - I don't have a daily schedule yet.

However I did spend a lot of time this summer doing curriculum work and I have a yearly plan for Kindergarten!

Each week has a vocabulary topic (or a state test - bleh!)  We did our best to schedule the units in a way that made the most sense... Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer are schedule for the weeks when each season starts (or as close as possible).  Easier units (colors, numbers and shapes) are scheduled at the beginning so that the focus can be on learning the routines.  Then we grouped units so connected ones were taught in connection!

Next we have a unit plan (weekly plan) for Kindergarten:

We use the Thoughtful Classroom framework to plan our units - the week moves through in pretty much this order.  The blue boxes highlight the parts that we do each week, the L, S, R, W are there to note that we have activities for all 4 language modalities (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).  At the bottom you see my Vocabulary Self-Assessment Worksheets (Free in my TPT store) - We will use these at the beginning and end of each unit.  You also see my Picture Dictionary (also available in my TPT store) - Each Friday the students will glue pictures of their vocabulary words from the week into their dictionary.  I have already typed the words in for them.

Next we have a look at Kindergarten for the day!

I always start with a circle (a very abbreviated Morning Meeting) usually we will greet each other with a hand shake or high five, then ask "How are you feeling today?" ______ "Why are you feeling ______ today?" ______.  The students take turns each day leading in a recitation of the weeks sight words and vocabulary.  I will then read and display the "I can" statements (they love these and if I don't have them they ask for them).  We will move through our content (from the weekly plan).  Then we will check to see if we could and did do the things in the "I can" statements. Then off they go!  (My "I Can" Posters are available on TPT as well - and FREE!)

First grade will be very similar this year, but for 2-6 all bets are off!  It will depend a lot on the schedule I come up with.

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