Friday, August 22, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week - Friday

Today's final Blog Hoppin' Link Up is all about what I like to teach!

This post is going to be very short! I love to teach Reading and Writing especially!  And small group instruction is my favorite!  

For reading I like to use books from Reading A-Z for leveled readers.  I also will sometimes pull books from our reading department's Leveled Literacy Intervention cabinets - but I prefer Reading A-Z because they can keep those books!  And I just collect books for read-alouds.  When I finished my first student teaching placement my cooperating teacher gave me a huge canvas bag and the kids all donated books to it for me!  Since then I've just continued to collect!  Here is my classroom library from graduate school (2008) to now!

For writing my students need a lot of encouragement - writing is the hardest skill for them to learn!  I like to do sticker stories to make writing fun!  Even my 'big' kids (3-5th) like doing sticker stories! I also like to find creative quick writing prompts  I picked up these September daily quick writes, and if they go well this coming month I think I may be going back for more!

WRITING - September Quick Writes
Find it here

I also have a huge file of various journal topics that I have collected over the years.  To work on editing, word choice and grammar I love Drops in the Bucket!  I am slowly collecting them all for ELA but right now I have levels B&C with A&D on the way! They have sample pages for each level on their website.

Find it here (they have math too!)

And that's that folks - head on over to Blog Hoppin' to see what everyone else loves to teach!

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